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There are very many investment opportunities in Real Estate. Some of them are as listed below:

  • Buy land and develop either residential or commercial property subject to the location and operating budget. Commercial property brings back good returns when sold or leased out.
  • Residential property can be sold or leased.
  • There are different concepts of residential rental units. One can furnish the units. Payment is usually up-front and mostly on short term stays. Return is usually high. There is residential rental for long-term stay where the tenant pays monthly. There is the concept of building hostels and leasing to students. Building of vacation homes is another trend that is emerging strongly.
  • Buying land and selling later when it appreciates. One can buy a big piece of land and subdivide into smaller plots which are easier and will be faster to sell.
  • One can buy property off-plan which is most of the time cheaper and sell it off when the project is complete at a higher price.

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