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  1. Have a good and competent team of professionals around you when purchasing property. Consult widely and seek guidance from the professionals. The professionals include conveyance lawyers, valuers, financiers and the Insurer
  2. A good Property agency should coordinate the team of professionals.
  3. Complete due diligence.
  4. Ask questions where in doubt. In real estate there are no bad or silly questions. Go on with a transaction only when you have a clear mind.
  5. Your property agent should advise you on all the costs apart from the purchase price. This will help in determining your budget before setting out to look for property.
  6. For developers, they should hire contractors licenced by NCA. Abide by the law and regulations of NCA to avoid problems in the future.
  7. Educate yourself about Real estate. Create interest to read articles and attend fora that educate people on the emerging trends in the sector.
  8. It is advisable to carry out land search in more than one department. They are land’s office, county offices and Ndung’u report.
  9. Invest not based on the current prices but on future potential return. A property worth 1 million may be of more value than one priced at 5 million. This is all dependent on the economics of the area.
  10. Define your investment area and location, investment type and the working budget. A property agent can be of great help in this area. This will help in a focused property hunt.

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