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  1. Have a good and competent team of professionals around you when purchasing property. Consult widely and seek guidance from the professionals. The professionals include conveyance lawyers, valuers, financiers and the Insurer
  2. A good Property agency should coordinate the team of professionals.
  3. Complete due diligence.
  4. Ask questions where in doubt. In real estate there are no bad or silly questions. Go on with a transaction only when you have a clear mind.
  5. Your property agent should advise you on all the costs apart from the purchase price. This will help in determining your budget before setting out to look for property.
  6. For developers, they should hire contractors licenced by NCA. Abide by the law and regulations of NCA to avoid problems in the future.
  7. Educate yourself about Real estate. Create interest to read articles and attend fora that educate people on the emerging trends in the sector.
  8. It is advisable to carry out land search in more than one department. They are land’s office, county offices and Ndung’u report.
  9. Invest not based on the current prices but on future potential return. A property worth 1 million may be of more value than one priced at 5 million. This is all dependent on the economics of the area.
  10. Define your investment area and location, investment type and the working budget. A property agent can be of great help in this area. This will help in a focused property hunt.
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  1. Do not have a ”get rich quick mindset” when investing in property. You should look at it as a long term investment. One can make good profits in a short while but that is not always the case.
  2. Don’t buy a property that you are not allowed to complete due diligence. Don’t buy property from an agent or owner who rushes you to pay for the property without following due process. If you feel pressured step away. Quick decisions made in haste may turn out to be big mistakes.
  3. Do not skip any step during purchase. The steps skipped could be the eye opener to issues about the property. The steps and systems are there to protect a purchaser or investor.
  4. Do not buy or pay for a property you have not seen. Send someone you trust to view on your behalf in the case one is not able to do it himself regardless if it is an off plan project. Make another trip by yourself and find out more information about the project and area. One can engage the residents and neighbours of the property. Consult widely.
  5. No verbal agreements. Whether a relative or a trusted friend, have all the transactions in writing with a witness preferably your agent/lawyer.
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That is why we exist.  We make property ownership a painless Reality.

Investing in real estate is a long term venture coupled with several unforeseen risks;

  • Buying disputed property.
  • Buying property with fake/ false documents
  • Losing your property in the process of selling
  • Investing in overpriced/overvalued properties

Just to mention but a few.

In Touchstone properties we help you invest in four profit lines

  • In Land
  • In residential houses
  • In commercial properties (office space & shops) &
  • we manage both residential estates & commercial properties for our clients.

You tell the fake title by using the right people like your lawyer to conduct the search.  Otherwise people surrender their documents to the wrong people in the ministry who use them for the wrong reasons.

To conduct a search, Our lawyers demand for documents to confirm the search results.

  1. Copy of title
  2. PIN number
  3. Copy of ID card / certificate of Registration for companies.
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With the help of real estate experts like property agents and research do a market survey of properties. This will guide you on what type of investment to engage in.

  • Study the market to see if it is workable.
  • Create friendship with real estate developers and sellers to get more insight.
  • Read through real estate articles to gain more knowledge about the field.
  • Come up with an operating budget. For one who wants to be financed they can consult the financiers on how much you qualify for. For one who has cash, establish how much you are willing to spend.
  • Based on the market survey and the budget one should have an idea on what type of property to look out for.
  • Come up with a workable business plan on how you intend to invest and what are your expectations and goals. Have the plan assessed by professionals to advice if it is realistic.
  • Set goals based on your business plan. The goals guide on what should be achieved at what point.
  • With a business plan in place, set out to invest. Identify the property of interest. Do not buy a property you have not seen.
  • Complete due diligence regardless of the type of investment. Do not rush through the process especially for first time investors.
  • Make sure during the investment process you are in the company of Real Estate experts for guidance and to ensure the process goes on smoothly.
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There are very many investment opportunities in Real Estate. Some of them are as listed below:

  • Buy land and develop either residential or commercial property subject to the location and operating budget. Commercial property brings back good returns when sold or leased out.
  • Residential property can be sold or leased.
  • There are different concepts of residential rental units. One can furnish the units. Payment is usually up-front and mostly on short term stays. Return is usually high. There is residential rental for long-term stay where the tenant pays monthly. There is the concept of building hostels and leasing to students. Building of vacation homes is another trend that is emerging strongly.
  • Buying land and selling later when it appreciates. One can buy a big piece of land and subdivide into smaller plots which are easier and will be faster to sell.
  • One can buy property off-plan which is most of the time cheaper and sell it off when the project is complete at a higher price.
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Why Touchstone Properties

Touchstone is your rock founded partner in Real Estate Investment.

In Our journey we will cover:

  • Who we are & what we do
  • The pitfalls in real estate investment
  • Factors to consider in real estate investment
  • Why Real Estate is the best investment destination
  • Investment opportunities in real estate
  • Simple  investment steps with optimal returns
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